Awards and Milestones

IFFCO Awarded for IT Security - 2012

Placed in Top 100 CISO Award by ‘InfoSecurity’ Magazine and iViZ Security

IFFCO Awarded for IT Security: Placed in Top 100 CISO Award by ‘InfoSecurity’ Magazine and iViZ Security

IFFCO has placed cutting edge IT Security technologies to make all transaction and applications safe. Mr. S. C. Mittal, Sr.ED (MS&IT) and Mr. A.K. Gupta, DGM (Systems) have been  recognized by being declared winner of Top 100 CISO award, program held on 15th June, 2012 at Mumbai. The ‘Top 100 CISO’ award aims to bring to the centre stage the contribution IT security officers make in the shaping and securing the integrity of  businesses. The increased use of computers, networking, linkages to other organizations (extranets) and the internet, poses serious concerns in regard to security of sensitive business information, possible electronic attacks (both internal and external) on vital information repositories, physical security of computer centres, business continuity in case of loss of data etc. With the extensive Information Technology infrastructure in organization spread across the country and increased reliance on Information Technology facilities and applications for inter/intra organizational information exchange, such security concerns are of utmost significance. This is the first of its kind award that has been conceptualized by India's only print magazine focused exclusively on Information security – ‘InfoSecurity’ Magazine and iViZ Security. The Top 100 CISOs were chosen by the expert panel of 5 jury members and is based on the information submitted. The panel of judges selected, each represent a different segment of industry and bring to the forum their extensive knowledge and experience. The panel of Judges includes eminent personalities like Dr.Kamlesh Bajaj, CEO, Data Security Council of India (DSCI), Donald Lee, MD, n.runs German, Dr. IndranilSengupta, Prof. Comp.Sc.&Engg, IIT Kharagpur, Prof. K Subramanian, Director, ACIIL, IGNOU, Ex-DDG,NIC, Advisor to CAG of India. 

Congratulations to IT & Systems Team.