Kisan International Trading FZE

Kisan International Trading FZE

Activity: Shipping and logistics for finished fertilisers and fertiliser raw materials and investments in new overseas Joint Ventures.
Corporate Office: Dubai
IFFCO’s Shareholding: 100%

Kisan International Trading (KIT) is a wholly owned subsidiary of IFFCO. KIT has completed its 13th Financial Year of operations on 31st March 2018. KIT was set up as an international trading arm to handle imports, exports and logistics support for various finished fertilisers, fertiliser raw materials and intermediates to meet the demands of producers, customers and distributors worldwide. It has developed excellent business linkages with leading manufacturers, direct sellers and trade entities worldwide, and has evolved as a reputed international trading company in the highly competitive
fertiliser business.

KIT also supports IFFCO in identifying, investing and developing overseas Joint Ventures. KIT undertakes logistics involving ocean transport of Ammonia, Phosphoric Acid and Rock phosphate for IFFCO and other customers. KIT has made strategic investments with a view to secure mineral resources overseas and procures fertiliser intermediates and finished products from overseas Joint Ventures to meet the demand of IFFCO’s customers.

Since inception, KIT has been a profitable establishment. For the year ending 31 st March 2017, it paid a dividend of USD 2.739 Million to IFFCO.