Nano Urea

Environment friendly IFFCO Nano Urea (liquid) fertilizer for precision and sustainable agriculture

IFFCO developed nanotechnology based Nano Urea (Liquid) fertiliser to address the imbalanced and excessive use of conventional Urea. This nanofertiliser has been developed indigenously, for the first time in the world at IFFCO - Nano Biotechnology Research Centre (NBRC) Kalol, Gujarat through a proprietary patented technology. Nano Urea (Liquid) is a source of nitrogen which is a major essential nutrient required for proper growth and development of a plant. Nitrogen is a key constituent of amino acids, enzymes, genetic materials, photosynthetic pigments and energy transfer compounds in a plant. Typically, nitrogen content in a healthy plant is in the range of 1.5 to 4%. Foliar application of Nano Urea (Liquid) at critical crop growth stages of a plant effectively fulfils its nitrogen requirement and leads to higher crop productivity and quality in comparison to conventional urea.

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