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    Shipping and logistics for finished fertilisers and fertiliser raw materials and investments in new overseas Joint Ventures
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Kisan International Trading (KIT) is a wholly owned subsidiary of IFFCO. KIT has completed its 17th Financial Year of operations on 31st March 2022. The Mission of KIT is to build and develop long-lasting business relationships with leading Global producers and manufacturers of fertilizer raw materials and fertilizer products as well as to identify, make strategic investments through Joint Ventures and diversify its operations for securing the fertilizer raw materials on Long Term and sustainable basis.

KIT operates worldwide and is successful in growth of its business by expanding its trading portfolio to cover various fertilizer raw materials and fertilizer products fulfilling the requirements of international customers and distributors. To add value to its trading operations, KIT provides logistic services for shipping of dry bulk products, liquid chemicals and gaseous Ammonia for the fertilizer industry.

The Company has earned profits every year since its inception and has created significant strategic and financial value.