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Not For Profit Initiatives

While IFFCO is a For-Profit Cooperative based on equitable distribution of wealth, there were certain aspects of development that could not be achieved directly through the organization. Hence IFFCO launched not-for-profit subsidiaries to assist farmers & their families in their journey towards development & prosperity.


IFFCO Kisan Sewa Trust

IKST was created out of join contributions from IFFCO & its employees to provide financial assistance to the farmers living below poverty line and those affected due to natural calamities.

Every little step, Make a big difference.

Indian Farm Forestry Development Cooperative

Incepted in 1993 with the ambitious objective of developing the arid wasteland into farming & tree plantation land, creating more avenues for the tribal & rural communities to enhance their livelihood and socio-economic status through sustainable natural resource management.


Cooperative Rural Development Trust

Cooperative Rural Development Trust (CORDET) was set up with the objective of providing training & education to the farmers with presence across all five manufacturing plant locations.