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IFFCO Production Unit

Kandla (Gujarat)

kandla kandla

IFFCO’s First Plant

Kandla Unit is IFFCO’s first production facility to manufacture Complex fertilizers. It was commissioned in the year 1974 with an initial annual production capacity of 1,27,000 MTPA (P2O5) to produce NPK grades 10:26:26 & 12:32:16. Over last four decades, Kandla Unit pioneered adoption of new technologies to increase production capacity multifold with minimal carbon footprint. Its state of art R&D Lab has also been successful in developing innovative water soluble fertilisers. Today, Kandla Unit has a total annual production capacity of 9,16,600 MTPA (P2O5) and manufactures various complex fertiliser grades like DAP, NPK, Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate and Water soluble fertilisers like Urea Phosphate, 19:19:19,18:18:18.

Train A & B commissioned on 28th November 1974 with a total installed capacity of 1,27,000 MTPA (P2O5) for production of NPK grades 10:26:26 & 12:32:16. The technology was licensed from M/s Dorr Oliver Inc. USA

Year 1974

Capacity Enhancement Project was implemented and completed on 4th June 1981, one month ahead of schedule. Technology licensed from M/s Hindustan Dorr Oliver, India expanded the plant’s production capacity to NPK grades- 10:26:26 & 12:32:16, DAP & 3,09,000 MTPD of P2O5

Year 1981

Second Capacity Enhancement Project was completed in July 1999, 77 days ahead of schedule. Project included addition of Trane E & F to the production unit to expand the production capacity to 5,19,700 TPA of P2O5

Year 1999

Major technology up gradation was undertaken to increase the On stream days increased from earlier licensed 250 days to 315 days, further enhancing the production capacity to 9,10,000 MTPA of P2O5

Year 2000-04

Urea Phosphate plant was commissioned on 6th March, 2011 with a capacity of 15,000MTPA, making Kandla the first production facility in the Country to produce Water Soluble Fertilizers.

Year 2011

Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate plant was commissioned on 1st March, 2012 with a capacity of 30,000 MTPA and launched a novel product in the market to solve the widespread deficiency of Zinc in the Indian Soil

Year 2012

Commenced in house production of new water soluble fertilizer product 19:19:19.

Year 2018-2019

IFFCO Kandla Production Capacity

Name of the Product Annual Installed
capacity (MTPA)
NPK 10:26:26 5,15,400.000 Streams A,B,C & D use TVA conventional slurry granulation process and additional streams E & F use dual pipe reactor granulation process technology
NPK 12:32:16 7,00,000.000
DAP 18:46:00 12,00,000.000
Urea Phosphate 17:44:00 15,000.000  
NPK Products by mixing nutrient of Potash  
Zinc Sulphate Mono 30,000.000  
Total 24,60,400.000  

Production Trends

Plant Head

Mr. O P Dayama

Mr. O P Dayama (Executive Director)

Mr. O P Dayama, Executive Director, is presently working as Plant Head of Kandla Unit. Mr.Dayama completed his graduation in B.E. (Chemical Engineering) and started his career as Graduate Engineer Apprentice at IFFCO’s Phulphur Unit. In his long career with IFFCO, Mr. Dayama has worked extensively in projects, plant commissioning and operations at Phulphur and Kalol Plants. He has also contributed his expertise in IFFCO’s overseas joint venture OMIFCO, Oman.


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