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Farmer Extension Activities

Various promotional & extension programmes were organized with focus primarily on improving soil health, prooting balanced & integrated use of fertilizers to improve N:P:K consumption ratio, educating farmers about the importance of Secondary & micro nutrients, latest agro technology so as to enhance crop productivity through efficient use of fertilizers, water conservation and there by promoting sustainable agriculture.

During the year FY 2017-18, CORDET organized over 306 training programs benefiting 17,891 farmers including women from various States. CORDET centres at Phulpur and Kalol also provide free soil testing facilities through their Soil Testing Laboratories to the farmers and have analyzed 95,104 soil samples during the year 2017-18. In addition, 21,000 soil samples were also analyzed for six micronutrients.

To increase microbial activities in the soil, CORDET has increased the production capacity of liquid bio-fertilisers at Kalol Unit from 1.5L Ltrs. to 4.75L Ltrs. per annum. The total production of bio fertilizers during 2017-18 was 8.66L Ltrs.

To promote cows of Indian breed, 66,422 Ltrs. of cow milk was produced during FY 2017-18 at Phulpur.

Neem oil extraction unit with the capacity of 150 MT/year has been set up at CORDET Phulpur.

Integrated Rural Development Program (IRDP) has been undertaken by CORDET in 14 villages. A variety of social and promotional activities like construction of community centres, drinking water facility, tree plantation, soil testing campaigns, supply of cattle feed, promotion of vermicompost, mini-kit distribution (CIP) etc. were undertaken in these villages. Around 175 programs in various field were organized during FY 2017-18, which benefitted 15,272 farmers.

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