Awards and Milestones

IFFCO’s achievements at a glance

  • 1960
    A food crisis on the horizon
    A need for chemical fertilizers for high-yielding varieties of wheat and rice arises
    Existing cooperatives offer distribution, but no production
  • 1965
    1965-66 International organisations step in Seeds of a new cooperative are planted Fertilizer feasibility study is conducted in India
  • 1967
    31st AUGUST, 1967 Proposal for plants
    IFFCO is registered as a multi-unit cooperative
    Sh. Paul Pothen becomes the first managing director of IFFCO
  • 1968
    Early 1968 Two plants take shape
    One plant producing Ammonia/Urea at Kalol
    Another producing NPK at Kandla
    At a total projected cost of $125 million
  • 1974
    1974 The plant yield results Prime Minister Indira Gandhi attends the inauguration of the plant at kalol
    Three more plants open up in the same year
  • 1975
    1975 Kalol and Kandla plants are comissioned
  • 1980
    The first garderner Mr. Paul Pothen, M.D. 1968-1980 A key influencer, an inspirational leader Conferred the Padma shri for his contribution in the revival and growth of india agricultural and farming community.
  • 1981
    1981 Phulpur plant is comissioned
  • 1988
    1988 Aonla plant is comissioned
  • 2000
    IFFCO Tokio general insurance is established
  • 2003
    2003 The Foundation of OMIFCO
    IFFCO stakeholder in ICS, the biggest industrial company In senegal
  • 2003
    2003 Becoming autonomous
  • 2005
    2005 Paradeep plant is acquired from Oswal Chemicals and Fertilisers Ltd.
  • 2008
    2008 JIFCO & IKSL is launched