Vision and Mission

Enabling Indian farmers to prosper, today and in future


To augment the incremental incomes of farmers by helping them to increase their crop productivity through the balanced use of energy efficient fertilisers; maintain the environmental health; and to make cooperative societies economically and democratically strong for professionalised services to the farming community to ensure an empowered rural India.


IFFCO's mission is "to enable Indian farmers to prosper through timely supply of reliable, high quality agricultural inputs and services in an environmentally sustainable manner and to undertake other activities to improve their welfare".

  • To provide to farmers high-quality fertilisers in the right time and in adequate quantities to increase crop productivity.
  • To make plants energy efficient and continually review various schemes to conserve energy.
  • Commitment to health, safety, environment and forestry development to enrich the quality of community life.
  • Commitment to social responsibilities for a strong social fabric.
  • To institutionalise core values and create a culture of team building, empowerment and innovation which would help in the incremental growth of employees and enable achievement of strategic objectives.
  • Foster a culture of trust, openness and mutual concern to make working, a stimulating and challenging experience for stakeholders.
  • Building a value driven organisation with an improved and responsive customer focus. A true commitment to transparency, accountability and integrity in principle and practice.
  • To acquire, assimilate and adopt reliable, efficient and cost-effective technologies.
  • Sourcing raw materials for the production of phosphatic fertilisers at economical cost by entering into Joint Ventures outside India.
  • To ensure growth in core and non-core sectors.
  • A true cooperative society committed for fostering cooperative movement in the country. Emerging as a dynamic organisation, focussing on strategic strengths, seizing opportunities for generating and building upon past success, enhancing earnings to maximise the shareholders’ value.

Vision 2020

In pursuit of it's growth and development, IFFCO had embarked upon and sucessfully implemented its Corporate Plans , 'Mission 2005' , 'Vision 2010' and 'Vision 2015'. These plans have resulted in IFFCO becoming the largest manufacturer and distributor of Chemical Fertilisers in India and a significant global player by setting up Projects and Joint Venture Companies overseas.

IFFCO's new Corporate Plan titled 'Vision-2020" will be guided by the following objects:

  • Achieving specific targets for Energy Saving through modernisation of existing plants.
  • Manufacture of new Fertiliser products, setting up Agro-processing Units and Agro-Chemicals Projects.
  • Diversification in e-Commerce and promoting Venture Capital Projects.
  • Setting up Fertiliser projects oversies through strategic Alliances.
  • Set up a Credit Rating Agency for cooperative Societies. 

Major Salient Features of 'VISION 2020'

The salient features of the 'Vision-2020' document are as under:

  • To stand as a Global Leader in Fertilisers production.
  • Implement strategies for sustainable development by reducing Energy Consumption and better Resource Management.
  • Maximizing the synergies of Core Business through Forward/Backward Integrations.
  • Enhancing presence in International markets through Strategic Joint Ventures and Synergistic Acquisitions.
  • Diversification in other Sectors for financial sustainability.
  • Promoting Integrated Nutrient Management and optimum Fertiser use.
  • To help the Cooperative Societies become economically strong, professionally managed and to equip the Farming Community with advanced agricultural practices for improved Productivity, to ensure an Empowered Rural India.
  • Achieve Fertilisers Marketing target of 15 million tonnes per annum by 2020.