Situated in the state of Gujarat, the Kalol facility produces Ammonia and Urea

Commissioned on Nov.05, 1974 Kalol was IFFCO's second big production facility and the most efficient. After the recent expansion plan the total output of the facility is going to increase by manifold.

Production Data

In 2018-19 IFFCO's Kalol plant produced 0.379 MTPA of Ammonia and 0.602 of Urea, reaching a new height. IFFCO Kalol achieved lowest yearly energy consumption for both Ammonia and Urea Plants.

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Gandhi Nagar, the capital of Gujarat, is about 18 Km from the plant site which is located on Ahmedabad-Mehsana State Highway (SH). The majestic Akshardham Mandir and the historic Sabarmai Ashram are in close proximity to the plant.

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Plant Head

Mr. D. G. Inamdar

Technology: Plant products

Volume Produced -
Ammonia 1100 MTPD
Urea 1650 MTPD

Following schemes have been implemented during recent ESP [2016-18] at Kalol Unit:


  • New Secondary Reformer burner
  • Liner replacement of Primary waste heat boilers (101-CA/B) with improved Material of construction (MOC)
  • Hydro De-Sulphurisation of feed gas in place of activated carbon
  • New Process Air-Steam Coil with improved Material of construction (MOC)
  • New single steam turbine (103-JT) for Syn Gas Compressor in place of two turbines
  • New Methanator Exit Cooler (115-C) with better design
  • MP Process Condensate Stripper in place LP Process condensate Stripper
  • Ammonia recovery from syn loop of LP Flash off gases
  • New Low Temperature HP steam superheat coil with higher area for better heat recovery


  • High Efficiency Tray (HET) in Urea Reactor
  • VAM package for CO2 cooling
  • New CO2 Cooler in place of direct contact cooler
  • HP Ammonia Preheater (H 1250)
  • HP Split Flow Loop and New High Pressure Carbamate Condenser (HPCC)
  • HP Carbamate Ejector in HP Loop
  • New Second stage Evaporator Heat Exchanger with higher area

Kalol Unit - Expansion Project-II

one-Ammonia-Urea complex along with associated Offsite/Utilities & captive power plant to meet the requirement of whole complex


Kalol Unit is having following ISO Certification:

  • ISO 50001:2011 for Energy Management System(EnMS)
  • Integrated Management System (IMS) consisting of Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015), Environment Management System (ISO 14001:2015) and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001:2007).
  • Kasturinagar township for Environment Management System(ISO 14001:2015) and under Green Residential Society Rating System of Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) with Platinum category.

IFFCO, Kalol, Kasturi Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, PIN 382423 (Gujarat), INDIA

91-2764-223256, 91-2764-223258, 91-2764-223272, 91-2764-223273, 91-2764-220202, 91-2764-220209, 91-2764-221056, 91-2764-221165, 91-2764-220604


Mr. R.B.Pipalia

State: Gujarat, India
State Capital: Gandhi Nagar, is about 18 Km from the plant site.
District: Gandhinagar
Distance from New Delhi: 912 Km
Distance from Mumbai: 514 Km
Nearest Airport: Ahemdabad (About 25 Km. away from Plant)
Railway Station: Kalol (7 Km from the plant)
Road Ahmedabad (25 Km from the plant)
On Ahmedabad-Mehsana State Highway (SH)
Area under Plant 96 Hectares
Temperature: ( o C ) 45 (Maximum) in summer to 4 (Minimum) in winter.
Longitude: 72-31-40'E
Latitude: 23-12-3'N


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