Jordan India Fertiliser Company

Jordan India Fertiliser Company

Activity: Phosphoric Acid Plant Production (1500 MTPD) 
Corporate Office: Amman, Jordan
Plant Site: Eshidiya, Jordan
IFFCO’s Shareholding: 27%

IFFCO and JPMC formed a Limited Liability Joint Venture Company, namely Jordan India Fertiliser Company (JIFCO) to set up a Phosphoric Acid Plant with annual capacity of 4,75,000 tonnes P2O5 and a Sulphuric Acid plant with annual capacity of 14,25,000 tonnes at Eshidiya in Jordan. IFFCO (27%) and KIT (IFFCO’s Wholly Owned Subsidiary) (25%) together hold 52% equity, while JPMC holds 48% equity in JIFCO.

KIT purchases minimum 70% of production of Phosphoric Acid and JPMC supplies Rock Phosphate to the Company pursuant to Long Term Agreements.

For the year 2020, JIFCO produced 4.67 lakh tonnes of Phosphoric Acid in terms of P 2 O 5 , achieving a capacity utilization of 98.3%.

Website: www.jifco.co